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<英語のみはこちら>【SPECIAL PROJECT】Take a Tour around the Chita Peninsula!【Read about our beloved chicken-egg wholesaler】
Address: Naitou Youkei, 1-39, Kitaoyachi-chou, Handa-shi, Aichi-ken, Japan.
半田酔子 半田酔子< 今日紹介するのは、半田市内にある、内藤養鶏さんです!
半田酔子 Yoiko Handa< Today I would like to introduce you to Yokei Naitoh of Handa City!
知多みるく 知多みるく< 社会勉強に行ってきたんだよね。
知多みるく Milk Chita< Yeah, and to do this, I think I’d like us to take a little field trip to a place located in the outskirts of Handa City.
阿久比ほたる 阿久比ほたる< 実は、半田市に、こんなにすごいたまご屋さんがあるって知らなかった・・・
阿久比ほたる Agui Hotaru< Actually, I had no idea that such a spectacular egg wholesaler existed in Handa City…
知多舞子 知多舞子< ここの卵って、名古屋のフランテでも売ってるんだよね。
知多舞子 Maiko Chita< You know, these eggs are being sold at the fashionable Frante supermakets located in Nagoya City.
常滑セラ 常滑セラ< フランテって、高級な食材しか置いてないスーパーマーケットでしょ。
常滑セラ Cera Tokoname< Wow… really? Frante is known for selling only the best and highest quality products, so these eggs must have gained a reputation for their outstanding quality and taste.
東海しゅう 東海しゅう< あの卵って、内藤養鶏さんだったんだー。
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< Yeah, and they are being specially distributed by Yokei Naitoh, who we are about to meet today.
半田酔子 半田酔子< あとね、知多半島のおいしいケーキ屋さんって、卵はだいたい内藤養鶏さんの使ってるらしいよ。
半田酔子 Yoiko Handa< What’s more is that these eggs are known to be widely popular among some of the famous cake shops located around the Chita Peninsula.
半田酔子 半田酔子< 顔なじみのケーキ屋さんに聞きにいったら、実はそうだって言ってた。
半田酔子 Yoiko Handa< This is true, you know. I actually went around and talked personally with some of the cake shop owners and staff. They really love these eggs.
武豊乙姫 武豊乙姫< やっぱりね。
武豊乙姫 Otohime Taketoyo< I don’t doubt it… They really are delicious.
南知多マリナ 南知多マリナ< なにか秘密があるんだろうね。
南知多マリナ Marina Minamichita< So, just what is the secret of these eggs?
知多舞子 知多舞子< こだわり、って言うのかな。
知多舞子 Maiko Chita< Maybe it is being particularly careful about the health and diet of the chickens who lay the eggs.
東海しゅう 東海しゅう< おじゃましまーす。
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< Oh, we’re here…. Hello…!
大府あかね 大府あかね< うわあ!
大府あかね Akane Obu< Whoa…! Look at this place!
美浜恋 美浜恋< すごーい!
美浜恋 Ren Mihama< Wow! I can’t believe it…!
東浦未来 東浦未来< ここ、いいところなんですね。
東浦未来 Mirai Higashiura< This place is really great…!
東浦未来 東浦未来< 空気がきれい。
東浦未来 Mirai Higashiura< Smell the air…! Ah, fresh air…
美浜恋 美浜恋< 街のすぐそばだなんて信じられないな。
美浜恋 Ren Mihama< Yeah, it’s great… and I can’t believe that this place is located right on the outskirts of town… I never knew that, you know.
知多舞子 知多舞子< 駅前のファッションビル、郊外型専門店通り、昔ながらの商店通り、新興住宅地、で、ここだもんね。
知多舞子 Maiko Chita< Yeah, and it’s really easy to get here. Just pass the station and shops and it’s right past those new housing developments…
常滑セラ 常滑セラ< いきなりひらけたねー。
常滑セラ Cera Tokoname< It’s like everything just opens up all of a sudden… There were stores and houses and suddenly… this beautiful area…
知多みるく 知多みるく< そろそろ本題に入ろうよー。
知多みるく Milk Chita< OK, how about we get started on the tour?
東浦未来 東浦未来< かわいい・・・
東浦未来 Mirai Higashiura< Oh, how cute…!
東浦未来 東浦未来< 鶏さん、2種類いるんですねー。
東浦未来 Mirai Higashiura< Look! There are two types of chickens…
大府あかね 大府あかね< こちらのみなさんが卵を産んでくれるんですね。
大府あかね Akane Obu< This must be where all of the chickens lay their eggs, you know.
半田酔子 半田酔子< 白いニワトリさんがジュリアホワイト、茶色いニワトリさんがボリスブラウン、という品種。
半田酔子 Yoiko Handa< Yeah, there are two types, you know. The brown ones are called Boris Brown chickens and the white ones are called Julia White chickens.
半田酔子 半田酔子< こっちがジュリアホワイト。
半田酔子 Yoiko Handa< These are Julia White chickens.
半田酔子 半田酔子< こっちがボリスブラウン。
半田酔子 Yoiko Handa< And these are Boris Brown chickens.
半田酔子 半田酔子< こっちがジュリアホワイト。
半田酔子 Yoiko Handa< Here's some more Julia White chickens.
半田酔子 半田酔子< こっちがボリスブラウン。
半田酔子 Yoiko Handa< Take a look at this beautiful Boris Brown.
半田酔子 半田酔子< で、それぞれのニワトリさんが産んだ卵がこれ。
半田酔子 Yoiko Handa< Here are two eggs. One was laid by a Julia White chicken, and the other was laid by a Boris Brown chicken.
美浜恋 美浜恋< え?茶色い鶏が茶色い卵を産むんですか?
美浜恋 Ren Mihama< Huh…? I guess that the Brown chickens lay brown eggs, right?
南知多マリナ 南知多マリナ< で、白い鶏が白い卵を産む、と。
南知多マリナ Marina Minamichita< …And the white chickens lay white eggs.
阿久比ほたる 阿久比ほたる< てっきり、茶色い卵を産む鶏は、薬的な何かを飲まされているのだとばっかり思ってました・・・
阿久比ほたる Agui Hotaru< It’s no doubt that many people think that chickens that lay brown eggs are fed with some sort of medicine or special food…
東海しゅう 東海しゅう< 茶色い卵が割高の値段なのは、赤い鶏の方が大きいので、よく食べるからなんですねー。
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< However, the truth is that the high cost of the brown eggs is due to the fact that brown chickens are a little bit bigger than white chickens, and as a result, they eat a little more chicken feed. This higher cost in feeding them is included in the price of the eggs.
常滑セラ 常滑セラ< 親が大きい分、卵が濃いみたい。
常滑セラ Cera Tokoname< It seems like the bigger the parent chicken, the richer the taste of the egg, you know.
武豊乙姫 武豊乙姫< ほら、見た目、高級そうだし。
武豊乙姫 Otohime Taketoyo< Yeah, but just to look at them gives you the image that they are higher quality eggs.
東海しゅう 東海しゅう< で、ですね。
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< By the way...
知多みるく 知多みるく< ここの卵がみなさんから選ばれている秘密ってなんですか?
知多みるく Milk Chita< Do you know the secret behind the popularity of these eggs?
大府あかね 大府あかね< ほうほう。
大府あかね Akane Obu< No. What is it?!
南知多マリナ 南知多マリナ< なんと!
南知多マリナ Marina Minamichita< Wow!
知多みるく 知多みるく< ここのニワトリさん、みんなベジタリアンなんですか!
知多みるく Milk Chita< The secret is that all of these chickens are vegetarians!!!
半田酔子 半田酔子< 普通は、餌として魚粉を使うのだけど、これがいわゆる卵の「生臭さ」の原因なのだと。
半田酔子 Yoiko Handa< Usually, fish scraps are used as feed. This is the reason why many people say that eggs have a kind of fishy-smell to them.
半田酔子 半田酔子< そこで、魚粉はもちろんのこと、肉骨粉もいっさい使わず、植物性の食べ物だけ与えている、と。
半田酔子 Yoiko Handa< However, these chickens are fed exclusively with vegetable ingredients. No fish scraps or meat scraps are used at all.
半田酔子 半田酔子< 植物性飼料の中心は、大豆とコーングルテンミールだって。
半田酔子 Yoiko Handa< The staple of their diet is vegetable feed in the form of beans and corn gluten meal.
大府あかね 大府あかね< コーングルテンミールって何ですか。
大府あかね Akane Obu< What is corn gluten meal?
半田酔子 半田酔子< とうもろこしを分離したもので、コーンスターチがデンプン、コーングルテンミールがたんぱく質。
半田酔子 Yoiko Handa< It is a substance that is created when corn starch is taken out of corn. The corn consists of a lot of protein that is healthy for the chickens.
南知多マリナ 南知多マリナ< 調べるの早っ!
南知多マリナ Marina Minamichita< How did you know that?!
半田酔子 半田酔子< 携帯でウィキペディア見てるだけだよ。
半田酔子 Yoiko Handa< I just searched on wikipedia on my cell-phone.
南知多マリナ 南知多マリナ< ふむふむ。コーンスターチはプリンや中華料理のとろみとして利用される、と。
南知多マリナ Marina Minamichita< Oh… it says that corn starch is used to thicken foods like pudding and Chinese food.
東海しゅう 東海しゅう< んで、んで、コーングルテンミールは植物性たんぱく質として動物性飼料の代わりに使われる、と。
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< Yeah, yeah… corn gluten meal is used as vegetable protein in place of animal-by-product feed.
大府あかね 大府あかね< へー、そうなんだー。
大府あかね Akane Obu< Aaah…really…
半田酔子 半田酔子< 最近の餌は籾付き米も混ぜたり、夏のめっちゃ暑い時にはスパイスとしてちょっぴりガーリック入れたり。
半田酔子 Yoiko Handa< Recently, feed is mixed with rice which is still in the husk. In the summer, when it is really hot, this type of feed kind of tastes like it’s seasoned with a touch of garlic.
知多舞子 知多舞子< いろいろ気を使ってるんだね。
知多舞子 Maiko Chita< They really give good attention to these chickens, you know…
東海しゅう 東海しゅう< においに癖がないから、ケーキにはここの卵が使われるのかー。
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< Since there is no fish smell at all, this type of egg is perfect for cakes and sweets…
南知多マリナ 南知多マリナ< ソフトクリームにちりめんじゃこのせるとうまいぞ。
南知多マリナ Marina Minamichita< Speaking of fish, the baby fish soft ice cream was really good, wasn’t it?!
[I had that Jyako ice cream!]
常滑セラ 常滑セラ< それは南知多のジャコデスさんの逆転の発想でしょ。
常滑セラ Cera Tokoname< Ah, that Jyako-desu shop in Minami Chita!! That is that shop’s opposite way of thinking, you know… who would have guessed how delicious jyako ice cream would be anyway?
[This is the link to the Jyako-desu Shop website!]
南知多マリナ 南知多マリナ< においを消すために、植物性にこだわってたのかー。
南知多マリナ Marina Minamichita<  In order to elimate all smell from the eggs, they really have to be particular about the vegetable feed they use…
知多みるく 知多みるく知多半島のケーキ屋さんって、どこもおいしいもんねー。
知多みるく Milk Chita< This might explain why the cake shops in Chita Peninsula are so good!
『パティスリー フラーズさんのほんわか(本和香)ロール』
[Patisserie Phrase’s Honwaka Roll Cake]
南知多マリナ 南知多マリナ< あ。こりゃうまいわ。見ただけでおいしいもん。
南知多マリナ Marina Minamichita< Ooooh…Just looking at that cake makes me want to eat it!!
半田酔子 半田酔子< あと、東海市のマカロン。
半田酔子 Yoiko Handa< We also have Tokai City Macarons…
[Mariee Patisserie’s confectionaries]
東海しゅう 東海しゅう< うん。お菓子のマリエのマカロン。有名だよね。
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< Mariee’s macarons are really famous, you know…
[Secret Recipe Macarons: Mariee de Hiro]
半田酔子 半田酔子< あのマリエ・ドゥ・ヒロさんが、内藤養鶏さんの卵のすごさを見出したんだって。
半田酔子 Yoiko Handa< Yeah, Mariee de Hiro was the first to discover the deliciousness of Yokei Naitoh’s eggs!
東海しゅう 東海しゅう< えっ!あのマカロンって、内藤養鶏さんの卵だったのー?!
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< Huh?! Mariee de Hiro’s macarons use Yokei Naitoh’s eggs?!
[Mariee de Hiro’s macarons are made possible through the use of Delicious Eggs!]
知多舞子 知多舞子< すごい!すごい!すごいー!
知多舞子 Maiko Chita< Wow! WOW! GREAT!
半田酔子 半田酔子< あ、ちなみに「うまみ卵」は内藤養鶏さんの卵のブランド名の1つね。
半田酔子 Yoiko Handa< By the way, did you know that Delicious Eggs are one of the brands of eggs that Yokei Naitoh is producing?
東海しゅう 東海しゅう< ベジタリアンなニワトリさんの卵だから、生臭さがない、だからケーキに最適、と。
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< Since the eggs come from chickens that receive a strict vegetarian diet, there is no fish smell at all. This is what makes them perfect for baking sweets and cakes, you know.
半田酔子 半田酔子< でも、おいしさのためにもっともっと大事なのは、ニワトリさんの住む場所の、水洗・消毒・乾燥なんだって。
半田酔子 Yoiko Handa< Yeah, but do you know what is the most important factor to making delicious eggs? Deliciousness all depends on where the chickens are raised and how the chickens are kept. Therefore, Yokei Naitoh is constantly washing, cleaning, and drying his chickens to keep them in their healthiest condition…
半田酔子 半田酔子< 常日頃からきちんと清潔に保つこと。そして、これが一番大変で、多くの人は怠けてしまうのだと。
半田酔子 Yoiko Handa< It is most important to maintain a sanitary and clean farm. This is where most people get lazy because it is difficult to keep up with daily maintenance and cleaning. Yokei Naitoh, however, has in every aspect succeeded at keeping his farm in top shape, and this is one of the biggest reasons his eggs are so good!
大府あかね 大府あかね< そういえば、トイレの掃除が一番大事だって、学校の先生が言ってた。
大府あかね Akane Obu< This reminds me of what our grade school teachers used to always tell us… “Keeping the school bathrooms clean is top priority!”
常滑セラ 常滑セラ< それ、関係ない。
常滑セラ Cera Tokoname< What is that supposed to mean? That has no connection to raising chickens, does it?
大府あかね 大府あかね< 関係あるもん。
大府あかね Akane Obu< Actually, it does…
半田酔子 半田酔子< 原点。それはニワトリさんが元気でいてくれること。
半田酔子 Yoiko Handa< Yeah, it is kind of like the starting point of all things. Healthy chickens are happy chickens, you know…
南知多マリナ 南知多マリナ< うーん。深いな~。
南知多マリナ Marina Minamichita<  Hmm…Yeah, that’s right…I never thought about that before…
常滑セラ 常滑セラ< バイタリティ溢れる活力に満ちたニワトリだからこそ、おいしいタマゴを産めるのですね。
常滑セラ Cera Tokoname< It is because these chickens are so genki and have so much energy that they are able to lay delicious eggs!
大府あかね 大府あかね< 変な英語まじってない?
大府あかね Akane Obu< Are you trying to use Japanese again?!
常滑セラ 常滑セラ< 変じゃないもん。
常滑セラ Cera Tokoname< Hey!... We are living in Japan, you know…
半田酔子 半田酔子< たまごかけごはん(TKG)のように生たまごを食べる文化は日本独特のものなんだけど。
半田酔子 Yoiko Handa< Yeah, but you all know that putting raw eggs on rice is a food-culture unique to Japan, right?
知多みるく 知多みるく< うん。
知多みるく Milk Chita< That’s true…
半田酔子 半田酔子< すごくこわいサルモネラ菌が発生してないか検査を定期的に毎月クリアしてきてるからできること。
半田酔子 Yoiko Handa< Because of fears of salmonella poisoning, chicken farmers in Japan have to pass a very strict monthly inspection of their poultry and facilities.
知多舞子 知多舞子< 知らないところで、すごく頑張っていたんだ。。。
知多舞子 Maiko Chita< Most people don’t realize how much work is required in just raising chickens… These farmers really work hard.
半田酔子 半田酔子< 当たり前のことなんだけどね。当たり前と思えることが大事なんだな。
半田酔子 Yoiko Handa< I think that most people would just take cleanliness for granted. However, that which we just take for granted is the most important thing…
半田酔子 半田酔子< といっても、内藤養鶏さんのうけうりなんだけどね。
半田酔子 Yoiko Handa< This is what I heard from Yokei Naitoh, anyway…
知多みるく 知多みるく< すごいなー。半田には、こんなすごい人がいるんだー。
知多みるく Milk Chita< Wow! That’s really something, you know. I never knew that such a fantastic person lived in Handa.
半田酔子 半田酔子< えへへ。
半田酔子 Yoiko Handa< Don’t make me blush
半田酔子 半田酔子< ・・・。
半田酔子 Yoiko Handa< …
半田酔子 半田酔子< 実は。
半田酔子 Yoiko Handa< Actually…
半田酔子 半田酔子< 内藤養鶏さんも、以前迷ってたこと、あったんだって。
半田酔子 Yoiko Handa< Yokei Naitoh learned most of what he knows through experience. He learned as he went along.
阿久比ほたる 阿久比ほたる< ・・・。
阿久比ほたる Agui Hotaru< …
半田酔子 半田酔子< でも、たまごが農畜産物品評会で半田市長賞をもらって、迷っている場合じゃないって思ったんだって。
半田酔子 Yoiko Handa< Yeah, but he is definitely a pro, you know. What else could you say about someone who won the Mayor’s Award for his eggs in the Chita City Farming Contest?
半田酔子 半田酔子< この感激を、おいしさにかえて、ひとりでも多くの人にたまごで感激を分かち合いたいんだって。
半田酔子 Yoiko Handa< Yokei Naitoh was so moved when he received the award that he felt newly inspired to produce even better and more delicious eggs. He said that it was his dream to personally share his passion and love for delicious eggs with as many people as possible…
東浦未来 東浦未来< そうなんですか。。。
東浦未来 Mirai Higashiura<  Really?... That’s great!
半田酔子 半田酔子< うん。だから今では内藤養鶏さん、半田市の農業経営士会の会長さん。
半田酔子 Yoiko Handa< So, as a result… Yokei Naitoh became the newly appointed chairman over the Farming Manager’s Society in Handa City.
美浜恋 美浜恋< え!そんな偉い人だったの!
美浜恋 Ren Mihama< Really!... He really is a great person!
半田酔子 半田酔子< 偉いっていうか、感動を伝えるための責任なんだって。
半田酔子 Yoiko Handa< Yeah, but even more than that, he feels it is his responsibility to communicate his feelings and passion to other farmers and people in general…
南知多マリナ 南知多マリナ< すごいな。。。
南知多マリナ Marina Minamichita< That’s wonderful!
半田酔子 半田酔子< 『ごんぎつね』『手袋を買いに』『でんでんむしのかなしみ』の作者、新美南吉が生きたまち、半田。
半田酔子 Yoiko Handa< As you know, Handa was also where Nankichi Niimi lived. He wrote many famous children’s books including “Gon, the Little Fox,” “Buying Mittens,” and “The Sadness of the Little Snail.”
知多みるく 知多みるく< うん。
知多みるく Milk Chita< I know him…
半田酔子 半田酔子< そんな新美南吉先生は一時期、市内の畜禽研究所に勤めていたこともあって。
半田酔子 Yoiko Handa< Well, at one time, Nankichi Niimi worked at a chicken farming research center in the city…
大府あかね 大府あかね< そうなんだ。
大府あかね Akane Obu< I didn’t know that…
半田酔子 半田酔子< その年に新美南吉先生が残した言葉が、「また今日も己を探す。」
半田酔子 Yoiko Handa< During that time, Nankichi Niimi is known for writing in his diary the famous words, “Today, as always, I will continue to keep looking for myself.”
南知多マリナ 南知多マリナ< おお。自分探しだ。
南知多マリナ Marina Minamichita< Aaah… so, he was searching for himself…
知多みるく 知多みるく< うん。私たちも、自分が誰なのか見つけるぞー。
知多みるく Milk Chita< Exactly. I want us to do the same… I want us to discover who we are…
知多みるく 知多みるく< 内藤養鶏さん、ホントに今日は、ありがとうございましたー!
知多みるく Milk Chita< Yokei Naitoh, thank you so much for everything! We had a wonderful time today!
After I returned home,
I was sure to eat the eggs I received.
I cooked them sunny-side up, as no other way would do for me.
As introduced on TV, "I tried and approved."
I was careful to break the egg from a low position in order to preserve the yolk.
I broke it right over the frying pan, just as I was taught.
『ためしてガッテン 目玉焼き革命:卵を低い位置から割る』
[Try and Approve: Revolutionizing Sunny-side Up Eggs: Low-position Breaks]
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I always look intently at the broken egg.
I am amazed that the egg has almost no smell at all.
It drops into the bowl and maintains its firmness – not just the yolk, but the egg-white too…
Some may take this for granted, but the solidness of this egg is like no other.
This egg has power, just take one look and see for yourself.
Fried and eaten…
The scent of the olive oil is distinctly present...
This must be because this egg has no smell…
Please take note of the quality of the egg-white.
To me…the egg-white has the role of supporting the yolk.
This egg-white has superb texture and is richly delicious.
This egg is delicious all-around… the yolk is fantastic,
but the egg-white is not to be overlooked—its taste will leave you completely satisfied.
I can’t get over the gummy-like, yet sophisticated, chewy texture of the egg-white. Outstanding!
Even more…
Pick up the uncooked yolk with your chopsticks and it retains its shape, unbroken. It’s an amazing sight! The yolk is soft and light, yet strong and solid…
Of couse, as I mentioned, I love sunny-side up eggs!
Thanks to this egg, this was probably the first time I ever had real sunny-side up eggs!
Words fail to explain how excited I am about this egg!!!
I can’t believe that our group is being introduced on Yokei Naitoh’s blog!! It’s like a dream!
『内藤養鶏ブログ 2010. 10. 16 今夜のお客様は"素敵なモデル"』
[Yokei Naitoh Blog October 16th 2010, Today I would like to introduce to you Chita-Musume!]
Our photo is on the top of the homepage!
By the way, I am a member of the Chita-Musume…
We are a group of girls who are active in the promotion of the Chita Peninsula.
&size(16) I just really Really REALLY want to say…};
Thank you!!!
P.S.… here are some links to Chita City’s Yokei Naitoh! Check them out!
『内藤養鶏 公式HPトップ』
[Yokei Naitoh's Official Web Site]
『内藤養鶏ブログ 一里毎』
[Yokei Naitoh's Blog: Monologue]
『内藤養鶏 たまごプラザ』
[Yokei Naitoh's Egg Plaza]
『内藤養鶏 たまごプラザ商品一覧』
[Yokei Naitoh's Egg Plaza Product List]


Chita Peninsula: Memories via Our Photo Collection

(The Four Seasons of Yokei Naitoh)
Enjoying January's sweet summer tangerines with Yoiko Handa at Yokei Naitoh's farm.
Enjoying February's sweet summer tangerines with Yoiko Handa at Yokei Naitoh's farm.
Enjoying March's cherry blossoms with Yoiko Handa at Yokei Naitoh's farm.
Enjoying March's field horsetails with Yoiko Handa at Yokei Naitoh's farm.
Enjoying March's plums with Yoiko Handa at Yokei Naitoh's farm.
Enjoying March's plums with Yoiko Handa at Yokei Naitoh's farm.
Enjoying April's weeping peach trees with Yoiko Handa at Yokei Naitoh's farm.
Enjoying April's weeping peach trees with Yoiko Handa at Yokei Naitoh's farm.
Enjoying May's Japanese apricots with Yoiko Handa at Yokei Naitoh's farm.
Enjoying May's sweet summer tangerine flowers with Yoiko Handa at Yokei Naitoh's farm.
Enjoying June's hydrangea with Yoiko Handa at Yokei Naitoh's farm.
Enjoying June's hydrangea with Yoiko Handa at Yokei Naitoh's farm.
Enjoying June's hydrangea with Yoiko Handa at Yokei Naitoh's farm.
Enjoying June's green foxtails with Yoiko Handa at Yokei Naitoh's farm.
Enjoying June's gardenia augustas with Yoiko Handa at Yokei Naitoh's farm.
Enjoying June's plums with Yoiko Handa at Yokei Naitoh's farm.
Enjoying June's safflowers with Yoiko Handa at Yokei Naitoh's farm.
Enjoying September's sesame with Yoiko Handa at Yokei Naitoh's farm.
Enjoying September's red spider lilies with Yoiko Handa at Yokei Naitoh's farm.
Enjoying September's red spider lilies with Yoiko Handa at Yokei Naitoh's farm.
Enjoying September's red rice with Yoiko Handa at Yokei Naitoh's farm.
Enjoying October's ginkgo biloba with Yoiko Handa at Yokei Naitoh's farm.
Enjoying December's sweet summer tangerines with Yoiko Handa at Yokei Naitoh's farm.
Enjoying the sunset with Yoiko Handa at Yokei Naitoh's farm.


Welcome to This Fan Site! We are Chita Musume!!!

知多みるく 知多みるく< このサイトに来てくれてありがとうございます!!
知多みるく Chita Milk< Thank you very much for coming to our site!
半田酔子 半田酔子< ようこそいらっしゃい。ゆっくりしていってね。
半田酔子 Handa Yoiko< Yeah...please enjoy yourself here!
東海しゅう 東海しゅう< ヒマなんですか。
東海しゅう Tokai Shu< Do you have a lot of free time?
大府あかね 大府あかね< ダメだよそんなこと言ったら。
大府あかね Obu Akane< Come on... You can't ask such a question.
知多舞子 知多舞子知多半島をピーアールするために、
知多舞子 Chita Maiko< We have just been trying to carry out some publicity events for Chita Peninsula...
常滑セラ 常滑セラ< いろいろ勉強してきたんだよね。
常滑セラ Tokoname Cera< Yeah, well we learned a lot from making this site...
美浜恋 美浜恋< 2次元って、あなたも好きなんですか。
美浜恋 Mihama Ren< By the way, do you like two-dimensional animation characters?
東浦未来 東浦未来< 戦国時代からタイムスリップしてきたら、こんなでした。
東浦未来 Higashiura Mirai< Wait a minute... I think I came from the Warring Period in Japan...
阿久比ほたる 阿久比ほたる< なんだかめまいがしてきました・・・
阿久比ほたる Agui Hotaru< I think I am getting dizzy...
武豊乙姫 武豊乙姫< ま、イヤなら回れ右してくれてもいいんだけど。
武豊乙姫 Taketoyo Otohime< If you don't like our type of group, this site might not be for you.
南知多マリナ 南知多マリナ< ぜひ下のコンテンツをいろいろクリックしてみてくれよな。
南知多マリナ Minamichita Marina<Anyway, please take a look around Chita Hanto!
 Welcome to This Fan Site! We are Chita Musume!!!
[Obu Akane][Chita Maiko][Higashiura Mirai][Agui Hotaru][Handa Yoiko][Chita Milk][Tokai Shu][Mihama Ren][Tokoname Cera][Taketoyo Otohime][Minamichita Marina]


[The Chita Peninsula] Please check out the following content!

知多半島5市5町地図.jpgPlease check out the following content!

東海市Toukai City
大府市Oubu City
知多市Chita City
東浦町Higashiura Town
阿久比町Agui Town
常滑市Tokoname City
半田市Handa City
武豊町Taketoyo Town
美浜町Mihama Town
南知多町Minamichita Town

日本語Japanese: 【特別企画】知多半島社会見学!【半田市は内藤養鶏さんの巻】
英語English: 【SPECIAL PROJECT】Take a Tour around the Chita Peninsula!【Read about our beloved chicken-egg wholesaler】

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