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Address: Jyako-desu, 1, Aza-Takaiwa, Oaza-Morozaki, Minamichita-cho, Chita-gun, Aichi-ken, Japan.
東海しゅう Shu Tokai
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< Hello, there!
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< This is your love Shu Tokai! I am sweet girl living in Tokai-shi.
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< “Study it. Think it. Do it. You must unite these processes.”
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< Did you practice this carefully?!
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< Wow! The beauty of Chita Peninsula! … You have to learn about it, think about it, and participate in it!
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< I am down here in Minamichita-cho
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< and I am looking at the menu of shop named Jyako-desu.“Jyako” means “baby fish”.
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< I just had some very delicious jyako-flavored soft ice-cream.
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< This is soft ice-cream that is covered with jyako as a topping.
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< If you’ve never had jyako soft ice-cream before, you have got to try it!
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< These are baby fish, you know!
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< These baby fish look just like they did when they were born!
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< They were just added as a topping to the ice-cream.
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< The idea may not seem so creative, but it really is delicious!
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< I also took a taste of jyako-flavored soft ice-cream covered with Loli-fish and Shota-fish.
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< Oooooooooooooh!!! d(>.<)b
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< It was amazing!
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< It’s hard to explain
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< just how delicious the lightness and softness of the jyako tasted with the ice cream.
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< For example, when you go to the supermarket and buy jyako,
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< it is often the case that they are so crispy that they can sometimes even hurt the inside of your mouth when you try to chew them.
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< Now, I am not saying that I hate this kind of crispy feeling in my mouth,
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< I just want to tell you that the jyako used for the ice cream are really soft and easy to chew.
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< It was this softness that really won my heart for this ice cream.
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< And without even thinking…
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< It was only a topping, but…
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< Before I could know it, I had eaten all of the jyako up…
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< Also, for those of you who love ice cream,
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< I am certain that the soft-ice cream under the jyako will not dissappoint you.
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< This was truly high quality soft-ice cream that used a perfect combination of vanilla and milk.
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< The cold smoothness of it sure left your mouth asking for more.
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< I think you get the point about what I am trying to say about this ice cream. It is just that delicious.
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< Now, it wouldn’t right to finish without talking about the cone. The cone used for this ice cream was specially developed.
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< It is hard to explain, but it was like holding one of those wafer-type cookies. The texture was pleasingly delicate with a smooth scent that complimented the ice cream.
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< Jyako soft-ice cream!!! I just can’t stop raving about it!
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< There are just a few more things I would like to say about this ice cream.
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< One thing that really moved me was when I reached the cone.
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< Usually by the time of reaching the cone, there is no more topping left, but this wasn’t the case this time.
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< To my surprise, the cone was also filled with these delicious jyako.
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< Oh the delight of this ice cream!
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< One of the problems that I experience when I eat soft-ice cream is the sense of lonliness that I get by the time I get to the cone.
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< All of the topping is gone! I was starting to feel the same about this ice cream. I just want to eat a little more of that jyako.
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< So, when I saw that there was jyako in the cone, I almost shouted for joy.
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< And just not a little jyako, the cone was richly filled with it!
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< The taste of these baby-fish is a little salty, but when it is combined with the sweetness of the soft-ice cream, the result is really pleasant.
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< How can I describe the taste…?
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< It’s kind of like the sweet and salty taste of a sweet caramel, but it also, of course, has a seafood type of taste to it.
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< So, mix together the rich aroma of a sea tide and the sweet scent of the vanilla milk, and you get something really special.
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< It was an outstanding blend of tastes!!
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< However,
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< I don’t want to give you the impression that the whole cone was filled with an overflowing amount of jyako.
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< If this were the case, it would probably be too salty and not sweet enough.
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< The combination of jyako and ice cream was just perfect.
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< The cone consisted of a layer of soft-ice cream and then jyako and then more ice cream to create a sort of jyako-topped sandwich-type experience inside the cone.
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< It was really quite a clever development on the part of the shop owner.
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< It was really good…
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< So as a result of this ice-cream tasting experience,
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< I found myself, without thinking,
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< returning to the shop to buy more.
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< By the way, while I was at the shop I also tried their jyako croquette. A croquette is a deep-fried breaded mashed potato slightly similar to a hash-brown.
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< It was also very delicious… But let me save this topic for next time…
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< It really was good…!
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< Please look forward to my next blog! See you!
南知多マリナ Marina Minamichita
南知多マリナ Marina Minamichita< Ahhh! Tokai Shu… I can’t believe it!!! You really did it! I can’t believe it!
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< Oh! Marina…!
南知多マリナ Marina Minamichita< Thank you so much for coming to Minami Chita… I am so happy!
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< You are so cool… as usual… I am so happy that we could run into each other today, Marina… You are so cool…
南知多マリナ Marina Minamichita< Huh?!... What’s so cool?...Are you all right? It’s just me…Marina…!
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< Yeah, I’m fine! I am just so happy to see you!
南知多マリナ Marina Minamichita< Anyway… Would you like to have some jyako? There are some free samples here…
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< Yeah, but is it okay? That’s so much…
南知多マリナ Marina Minamichita< Yeah, yeah… don’t worry about it.
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< Munch, munch, munch…
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< Well…
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< Munch… yeah…really… munch… soft. Munch… wow!...it’s really good!
南知多マリナ Marina Minamichita< Me too! I love it! Actually, you can keep these jyako for months…but they don’t lose their softness.
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< Really?!...How’s that?
南知多マリナ Marina Minamichita< Actually, this Saran wrap somehow keeps in the freshness. Even after keeping it in the freezer for a month, the Saran wrap somehow helps it to thaw out naturally.
南知多マリナ Marina Minamichita< Anyway… give it a try!
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< Huh… It has no fishy smell at all…
南知多マリナ Marina Minamichita< Yeah, nobody would ever know that these were stored in the freezer…
南知多マリナ Marina Minamichita< That’s the real secret… Don’t store them in your refrigerator, but store them in your freezer.
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< Really?... I never knew that….
南知多マリナ Marina Minamichita< These jyako might be a little special in that they were properly boiled for just the right amount of time.
南知多マリナ Marina Minamichita< Since they are properly heated, they can then be stored in your home’s freezer for months with no problem.
南知多マリナ Marina Minamichita< However, one thing you have to be careful about it is thawing them out and then trying to re-freeze them… You can’t re-freeze them. Once you thaw them, you should eat them…
南知多マリナ Marina Minamichita< So, one thing you could do right after you buy them is to wrap them up in small bundles according to the amount you want to eat. This way you can take the small bundles out of the freezer one at a time.
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< Yeah…I’ll do that!
南知多マリナ Marina Minamichita< By the way, the jyako you buy in the supermarket usually tend to be a bit on the hard side. The reason for this is that air gets to them and dries them out a little bit. They really need to be properly wrapped in an air-tight container or wrapping.
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< Yeah… but the jyako at Jyako Desu are really good!
南知多マリナ Marina Minamichita< That’s true, but don’t get me wrong. There are several types of jyako available and hard jyako are one of them. It really depends on your own preference…
南知多マリナ Marina Minamichita< But you can tell that these jyako are the real thing by their delicate softness…
南知多マリナ Marina Minamichita< Really… I’d be happy if you leave here knowing only that. This way when you come here for a visit, you’ll be able to really appreciate the high quality of these jyako.
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< Thank you so much!!
南知多マリナ Marina Minamichita< Oh, yeah… one more thing…
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< Uh huh…
南知多マリナ Marina Minamichita< There is one thing that people around here might disagree with you about…
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< What’s that?
南知多マリナ Marina Minamichita< Actually, people in Minami Chita tend not to eat jyako and rice with mayonaise on top…
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< No way!!! Jyako and mayonaise is the best!!
南知多マリナ Marina Minamichita< Ah, here is a jyako croquette… It was just made… Give it a try!
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< Whaa!... hot!!!... Wow! It’s really delicious!
南知多マリナ Marina Minamichita< Hahahahahaha!
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< Wow!... I wish all of the croquettes in the world were filled with these delicious jyako!
南知多マリナ Marina Minamichita< Hah!... You are just exaggerating as usual…
東海しゅう Shu Tokai< Thank you so much, Marina… I really enjoyed this.
南知多マリナ Marina Minamichita< Please come again anytime!

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